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Bojana close-up (v.o.)

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Thanks to Lady Macbeth for her wonderful job..

Sex Is also a play and it is made up of complicity. Do you feel an accomplice of your partner? My husband is not an accomplice I would say he is victim in love who has accepted my rules, which he has to follow if he wants to be close to me.

Thanks for accepting this conversation with us, Bojana. How did it occur to you to create the site “Balkan”? When we usually think of the Balkans we occur about Dracula, the vampire in his Transylvan castle? Very interesting association, but at the same time it is demonstrating the lack of the basic culture and ignorance of very important facts about the territory which is very close to you. When I say Balkan I think of Serbia country that is traditional, conservative, patriarchal all that is in total contrast with my personality. The main reason is contrast!!!
Will you speak a little about you? Where do you live, where were you born, how old are you, what school did you attend to, and what about your hobbies? I was born in small town in south Serbia and on November 15th I will be 22. I have finished landscape architecture but very soon I realized it does not satisfy my appetites. At the moment I am studying painting and drawing in a private studio and in a few years when I get enough knowledge I plan to put my ideas on the canvas. That knowledge will give me the base for all the other art forms that I am interested in. As far as my hobbies are concerned I can only say shopping as the best way to kill time. I love to spend money on wardrobe especially if it’s not mine!!!
You have got a very particular glance both in your pics and movies. You convey the message of being a real mistress and not an actress. Is it difficult or spontaneous the role you play ? That is not an act it is I. I don’t like people, I can say I’m a misanthrope. Molesting and humiliating men and women makes me happy and gives me great pleasure. It is in my veins.
How did you find out that men were interested in being subdued by you? Even when I was a kid I loved to be in command, to be treated as a princess, and that my wish is everybody’s command. First to feel this were my female friends and later male friends so it was for me normal behavior. Today I have realized that it is hard to resist my superior nature, intellect and beauty, which naturally makes men crawl under my feet.
Will you tell us about the first time a man asked you to kiss your feet? I was not asked the first time I was ordering. I was 8 or 9 years old and I was playing queen and servants with the son of mom’s friend. We continued that ``game`` till the end of elementary school when I found better servant.
Are you in love, Bojana? YES! In myself!!!
Do you live your role as a mistress spontaneously in your love affairs? Or do you think this role must be out of your love affairs? My love life is shown on BBD.
Do you watch TV? Do you go to the cinema? What is your favourite film or director? Not that much and lately going to the cinema very rarely. At the time I am occupied with other things. Favorite movie – Angel Heart and directors – Tarantino, Polansky
Let’s speak about your feet. A lot of men are attracted by the idea of being slaves obliged to lick warm feet. Are you embarrassed or enjoyed by this? Will you tell us about an episode occurred to you? I do not see a reason why should I be embarrassed. Pleasure is always first, and I don’t try to analyze why is it so much pleasure when a slave is licking my feet. Only thing I can say is that feeling is much better after a long walk when my feet are sweaty.
Sex Is also a play and it is made up of complicity. Do you feel an accomplice of your partner? My husband is not an accomplice I would say he is victim in love who has accepted my rules, which he has to follow if he wants to be close to me.
Do you realize when a stranger is longing to be on his knees in front of you? If so, don’t you let on or enjoy provoking him? It depends of a mood I am in. Generally I love to provoke because I enjoy when I feel weakness and lack of power in a victim.
What urges aman longing for your domination? I think they know it best.
In your videos you often slap your partner. What do you feel when you do that? I feel the need to strike him if I am not satisfied with obedience or when I am nervous for any other reason.
Have you ever thought of slapping him as long as he stands no more and not only in the fiction? There was moments like that.
What is your favourite videos for Balkan? I would not separate any!
What is your favourite kind of music? Depeche Mode
Do you like reading? What is your favourite book? Picture of Dorian Grey
Have you got any friends? Do you sometimes speak about fetish or men’s submission? I am not social type so I have few chosen female friends with whom I am going out when I feel the need for company, sometimes we mention that but only when they have some questions about it. Some of them appear on BBD.
Before we were speaking about the sex as a play: have you ever got your feet to be particularly odorous before meeting your partner? No there is no need for that. It’s not mine to think of intensity. Something I love to do intentionally is when I step in the dirt and make my slave eat it off of my soles.
Have you ever travelled all around the world? And in Italy? Where would you like living? Not too much but I intend to. In NYC
Have you ever thought of being not only a fetish actress? There are some top models doing that, you know? I assume that till now you understand who am I and that you can conclude it yourself.
On the Feettribune there are a lot of exclusive stories. Have you ever read some story and thought “She looks like me?” I do not read stories about that. And I do not compare myself with anyone. Simply I am unique..
Break a leg, Bojana: what is your greeting for the Tribune’s readers? ON YOUR KNEES!!!
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