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...I never control my emotions!!!! Joking aside, really , during the parties I succeeded in doing all that I liked to do. Even if some were a little hard…but we organize parties on this purpose! And just like Thelema says: “Do all that you like, it will be our law!”

Hi Daemy….Fetish, SM, BDSM, some difficult words for a no expert. Could you explain the meaning they have got to you?

I don’t think they are difficult words. I rather think we must understand their meaning exactly, because they are often misunderstood. First of all there is a great difference between what is defined Fetish and BDSM…Fetish meant both the many ranges of Fetishism (included the one practised and chosen by the most of the Tribuners, i.e. Fetishism towards female feet), and a way of living, dressing, and behaving. On the contrary BDSM, as the definition states, is a real discipline: Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission and Sado-masochism.

Would you consider yourself as a Mistress?

I refuse any kind of brand. I never define myself anyway, because I think of being a lot of things. We can say that I have got a dominant instinct that characterizes a lot of the aspects of my temper. The domination I am speaking about, is not only a physical one, but also a psychological one. I like this because I feel the guy I am subduing really and completely. Often my dominant instinct isn’t only concerned about the practises of the Play, but these last are my favourite ones. Out of the play I am also comprehensive, in love, sweet and good (don’t you believe, do you? Perhaps you are right…)

I think of being right if I say that you love music.

You are perfectly right. To me music has always played a very important role since I was a child. I love playing the piano particularly I love composing new melodies mirroring my mood. Music can always convey to me emotions that rarely can be found elsewhere. I love listening to it in silent and in the dark, dancing o playing: the most important thing is that it must have a constant role in my life. Also during the parties I use to organize with Bad, the choice of music is selected in a very detailed way: it mustn’t be only the background, but it must be the substantial part of the party. It is as important as the games among the guests.

Is there an episode you remember and you could define as the passage from the unconscious to the conscious level in your wishes?

Well…of course yes. It occurred many years ago. I was just a very young girl and I wanted to make experiments. I met a man much older than I. He gave me the possibility of practising what BDSM was and meant. So I started with sado-masochism. Of course since that very day on…I have never stopped.

Will you tell us the first time you wished to subdue a man?

It happened long ago too. Probably I don’t remember the first time, because I d
idn’t choose it consciously, but instinctively. I remember, however, that even during my first school years I liked provoking my classmates and my friends. I was amused because I could do to them all that I wanted. Everything went well. Owning a man and subduing him to my will has been my favourite play since then.

And: when did you realize that a man wished to be your slave?

When I started to know this world. Before everything was very different: most of times I subdued someone, it depended only on me and it often caused pain and rebellion. Later I began to meet the people and the places where the main theme was the play of domination and submission. I found immediately some people inclined to everything to be my slaves. It is useless to add that this increased my wishes.

How do you live your role as a mistress in a love-affair?

They are very different things. In a love-affair, I live my sensations, the emotions and the plays in a unique way. There mustn’t be the inevitable (and the necessary) detachment that there is between the mistress and the slave between me and my partner. In privacy there must be a complicity that goes beyond any kind of order, especially if we speak about love. In fact all that we do, is done with passion and love: even our games are lived differently in comparison with the ones done with other people. To me this is a milestone in a love-affair: my partner mustn’t be my slave, but my accomplish and vice versa. This is the honour nobody else can get.

You are in a pub or in a restaurant where nobody knows you. A nasty boy is looking at your feet repatedly. Do you ignore or provoke him?

Of course I provoke him! If he is nasty my pleasure is greater because I let his wish increase, probably I’ll punish him..

The same situation, but you are interested in the guy. However there is your boyfriend with you. What will you do?

I would provoke him the same. I like provoking and I can’t help it. My boyfriend knows me perfectly and there wouldn’t be any problem if I began to play or to provoke a person. Better, since I know him, he would have already chosen the girl to play with. Really, it has just happened…we were in a no fetish/BDSM disco, we found a couple of people and we started playing on the sofas, while all the people surrounding us were looking at us perplexedly. A little trampling, a little worship, some photos, some cocktails… it was very amusing!

What are the most interesting websites to you?

I will be honest even if you know my interests. I thinks there are few interesting sites to me. I like communities, the sites where we can read and see all the members’ contributions, where we can discuss with other people about each other experiences and ideas. Generally I dislike the sites where you can find the usual pics, at least some videos and so on and the sites like Mistress…I mean the ones based on earning.

When you take part to parties, did you ever occur not to be able to control your emotion?

My dear Vince, I never control my emotions!!!! Joking aside, really , during the parties I succeeded in doing all that I liked to do. Even if some were a little hard…but we organize parties on this purpose! And just like Thelema says: “Do all that you like, it will be our law!”

Your boyfriend is both the publisher of the sites and the actor in many clips. Have you ever been jealous of his partners?

No, never. For a lot of reasons. The first because, as I told you before, we are accomplishes…and because I’m the best partner.

Do you think that a Mistress may be a jealous woman?

Well…luckily it never occurred to me. But I often see some couples, I mean some real couples who while playing are jealous each other. However, I think that it is a big problem when this happened: the play is just a play. It shouldn’t influence the real relationship because when jealousy, quarrels break out in a love-affair everything else is spoiled, sometimes even irremediably. Differently if you are jealous of your slave: it may be a very amusing thing. So you can punish him better and you can amuse yourself, and more it is justifiable: the slave belongs to his Mistress!

Have you ever spoken to people ignoring your interests about domination and fetishism?

Sure. I always amuse myself! But in this case I want to provoke nobody, better it is only curiosity. However, it occurred to me that some people answered in a very puritan way. It happens because they know nothing about these words and the places, and they judge them as the result of morbid minds or something shameful. My reactions is always and always a laugh.

Is there a story or a film that interested you particularly and not only on the fetish viewpoint?

Yes, there is in both categories. A story I read some time ago on the Feet Tribune, where I was the protagonist. I liked it most and it suggested a lot ideas and inspirations. Beyond the fetish/sm themes, just two weeks ago I saw a film that impressed me a lot: a well done and realistic movie: ExistenCes.

What are your relationship with girls you meet in the fetish world? Are all nice ones?
Generally, the girls I met in this world are much nicer and more spontaneous that you can see in their sites. However, some are not particularly nice. Even if i think that Mistresses should be allies not competitive. Sometimes, I noticed some childish attitudes to overcome one the other, to me too. Usually people amuse themselves with me, because, out of the cruelty in the fetish/sm context, my temper is very open, ironical: I am the same with everybody, even with the stars!!!

Fetishism, SM, BDSM: do you think love plays a main role or it may be just a play?
It may, and it is often, be just a play. Love, as I said before, can share nothing with this world. Even when it is present, it makes the relationship something “unique”. There may be even a long affair, with no sex, or deep feelings between the Mistress and the slave. I think that domination is much more effective when there is reverence between the two people. Of course the Mistress must know the limits, the preferences, the dislikes of the slave. When she got this information everything happening is a big surprise. When I know too well the subdued guy, if he isn’t particularly rich in fancies or involving I get bored.

What are chat-meetings to you?

The chat is a place I often use to communicate with people. It is an immediate and comfortable place where you can speak about everything in a real time. In addition, after founding the chat #feet# , I noticed that the chat on purpose are particularly appreciated. So you can find a lot of friends, you can organize meetings, parties, the so called chat-meetings. There you can amuse yourself and where you can play a lot.

What do you think about men loving submission?

I think they are few, I mean the men really subdued. Most of them who defined themselves as slaves or subdued, use these words to hide their even too ordinary aims. A lot of times I found men imploring me, but they didn’t know what it really mean to be subdued, only because they thought it was the right escamotage to meet me and to get something back. A lot of people mistook about this world and above all about Mistresses. A lot of men think Mistresses are whores, consequently they are ready to be sold so that men can get what they like. This is what I think about most of the men who define themselves as subdued, but I must say that I met really determined men, real slaves. They are few, but when I met one on chance, they are one of the best pastimes for women.

A story you read and you would like to play?

The story I referred before, published on the Feet Tribune, And the short-story I wrote, something like a novelette I’m going to accomplish.

Can you give an advice to the girls that want to be Mistresses but they lack the courage to speak to their partners?

Well…I support the freedom of speech. So if you have wishes you consider “unusual”, don’t be shameful. Women can do all that they like, you can make everything interesting even what it isn’t particularly interesting.

And one to boys

I can give them more than one. They think of being ill-judged. They want to be subdued, but they fear to feel pain, they think that this world is crowded of “absurd” people. Not at all. The only concrete obstacle you must overcome, to me, is the fear of being judged by the others. You mustn’t take care of the people saying you are “sick”. You always meet people judging freely: if they don’t judge your sexual preferences, they will judge your way of dressing. It’s worth while being what you like and amusing your life.

Is there a place you like to live?

Sure, but I’ll reveal it to you when I live there. You’ll steal it to me!

If you could be in the shoes of a woman lived in the past, who would you be?

I wish I were the Queen of the Amazons. Joking aside, I don’t like the past, I like what I am.

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